Peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Mladenović, M., Morgan, I., Ilić, N., Saoud, M., Pergal, M. V., Kaluđerović, G. N., & Knežević, N. Ž. (2021). pH-Responsive Release of Ruthenium Metallotherapeutics from Mesoporous Silica-Based Nanocarriers. Pharmaceutics13(4), 460.
  2. Živojević, K., Mladenović, M., Djisalov, M., Mundzic, M., Ruiz-Hernandez, E., Gadjanski, I., & Knežević, N. Ž. (2021). Advanced mesoporous silica nanocarriers in cancer theranostics and gene editing applications. Journal of Controlled Release.

Acknowledgment: This research was supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, PROMIS, #6060755.

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