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COST action NETPORE project

The COST action CA20126 – Network for research, innovation and product development on porous semiconductors and oxides (NETPORE) has been approved and Dr. Nikola Knezevic is appointed as MC member. The topic of this COST action is highly relevant for the PRECAST agenda and we are looking forward to establishing strong research collaboration in the development of porous nanomaterials for a variety of…

Testing the biocompatibility of constructed nanomaterials

Testing the biocompatibility of constructed nanomaterials and their activity against cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme) cells in vitro is in progress. Thanks to Dr. Vesna Kojić and Oncology Institute of Vojvodina for supporting the PRECAST project and helping us towards reaching our goals.

The great success of PRECAST PI

As of January/February 2021, a highly cited paper of PRECAST coordinator, Dr. Nikola Knezevic, received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of Physics based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year.

PRECAST in Serbian newspaper

Dr. Nikola Knezevic, the Principal Investigator of the PRECAST project, presented the overall objectives of the research funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia in a Serbian newspaper. The full article is available on the “Večernje novosti” website (on Serbian).

First scientific publication

We are very excited to announce preliminary research results, supported by the PRECAST project of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, PROMIS program, as well as the EU-funded project NANOFACTS, from the Horizon2020 program. We have successfully prepared silica nanoparticles for on-demand pH-responsive drug release in a weakly acidic tumor microenvironment. These preliminary results have been demonstrated in…


PRECAST PI, Dr. Nikola Knežević, received EU grant funding for three years under the Horizon 2020 Twinning program. EU-funded NANOFACTS project will further contribute to the PRECAST project by improving research capabilities and collaboration in the field of cancer theranostics and biosensor-based cancer diagnostics between the BioSense Institute and leading European research institutions. This project will enable researchers from the…

Kick-off meeting

On September 29, 2020, the PRECAST kick-off meeting was organized, with very informative presentations, related to PRECAST research, given by all team members and Project-supporting researchers. A special thanks to Dr. Aldrik  Velders from Wageningen UniversityResearch and Dr. Oliviero Gobbo, Dr. Eduardo Ruiz-Hernandez, and Dr. Maria Santos-Martinez from Trinity College Dublin for great support and research collaboration on the Project.

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